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Product Spotlight: Yamaha NX-N500 Yamaha's cutting-edge powered speakers Wireless tunes. In stereo. W e always geek out over new music technology, but good old-fashioned two-channel sound is dear to our hearts. Yamaha's NX-N500 powered bookshelf speakers deliver both. You get classic stereo sound and a versatile mix of audio connections - including MusicCast, Yamaha's multi-room wireless music system. Wired and wireless connections Built-in connections offer lots of ways to listen to music with these speakers. There's a USB port for your computer, an optical input to connect a TV, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless music from your phone or tablet. Plus, enjoy online services like Pandora with the MusicCast app (see below). Cut from studio-quality cloth If those white woofer cones look familiar, it's because they're borrowed from Yamaha's legendary recording monitors. When we auditioned these speakers, they sounded pro-level too, with accuracy and punch. Each speaker includes a woofer and tweeter powered independently by their own high- performance amplifiers. Just plug them in for power - no receiver or amp needed! #022NXN500B $799.99 pair Music all over, with a tap of your phone Yamaha's easy-to-use MusicCast app gives you full wireless control of your music with the NX-N500 speakers. Play songs from your digital library - including high-res music files - or music services like Spotify and Pandora. You can also add MusicCast-compatible speakers to other rooms and control them all with the app. Rock the same playlist across the house, hear different songs in different rooms, or even send TV sound from these speakers to the kitchen. The app's helpful graphics make MusicCast simple to use. Find all of our MusicCast compatible gear at The MusicCast app lets you play tunes wirelessly and control additional MusicCast components for an easy whole-house system. Learn more about these speakers online at 14 60-day return policy. See

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