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1-4 Use a specialized Sony stereo paired with the Axxess InfoLink system to do these four things in select vehicles. Once your new stereo is speaking your car's language, you'll be able to interface with mechanical functions on top of improving your audio quality and adding music and video sources. So cool. GET CONNECTED VIA STEREO Get info on engine performance As soon as it's powered and plugged into a compatible vehicle, the Axxess InfoLink system automatically recognizes what you're driving - a 2012 Toyota Camry, for instance - and will show you a vehicle- specific menu on your Sony touchscreen that displays engine diagnostic information and more. You'll even be privy to the details of "Check engine" warnings, and, when possible, you can clear the code. 1 Both the Sony XAV-W650BT CD/ DVD receiver (pictured) and the XAV-V630BT digital media receiver (no CD/DVD) feature must-haves like Bluetooth , smartphone integration, and awesome power output. When you connect it with the Axxess InfoLink interface and a vehicle-specific harness that plugs directly into your factory wiring, you'll gain the following four features and more. Sony XAV-W650BT DVD receiver #158XAV650B $299.99 Sony XAV-V630BT digital media receiver #158XAV630B $249.99 Axxess InfoLink interface #120AXSY01 $199.99 Axxess InfoLink vehicle-specific harness $19.99 1 2 3 4 16 Get deeply discounted installation gear when you buy any car stereo. See

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