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GET CONNECTED WITH EVEN MORE CAR STEREOS If you'd like to add similar features to your car but use a Kenwood, Alpine, or Pioneer receiver instead, iDatalink's Maestro ADS-MRR interface module will let you access vehicle information, plus keep many factory features, including vehicle-specific systems like Ford SYNC and Uconnect for Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram. The Maestro interface connects between select aftermarket stereos and compatible cars using a vehicle-specific harness. iDatalink Maestro #794ADSMRR $129.99 iDatalink Maestro vehicle-specific harness Prices start at $24.99 Touchscreen climate control There's a comfort in having everything in one place. Using the Axxess InfoLink system in certain cars with compatible HVAC controls, you'll be able to monitor and adjust your heating and cooling options via touchscreen with your new Sony stereo. And the sleek visuals blend in nicely with most interiors. 3 Steering wheel controls For some folks, there's no doing without audio controls on the steering wheel. The Axxess InfoLink system makes them easy to retain, so that skipping tracks and pumping the volume only require a stretch of the thumb. And keeping steering wheel controls isn't the only factory feature you can hang onto with the Axxess unit tapped into your Sony stereo. If you have a factory amplifier, you can still use it, cutting way down on stereo installation time. 2 Keep an eye on tire pressure We all have busy schedules darting around from sun up to sundown, and it's easy not to see when your tires are low. That's why Axxess and Sony make checking up on your wheels simple. In select vehicles that provide tire pressure information, you'll have a dedicated screen to monitor when any of your tires need air. In the long run, perfect pressure will save you dollars at the pump and wear and tear on your ride. 4 To see if the Sony/Axxess combo works in your car, visit 17

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