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5-10 GET CONNECTED VIA PHONE To do these next cool things via smartphone, you'll need to plug the Automatic Car Adapter or the Voxx CarLink ASCL4 into the OBD-II port located in most cars under the steering wheel. Both are compact modules that allow your car and your phone to communicate, giving you advanced control from the road or access to your vehicle even when you're far from it. Contact your car team Both Automatic and Voxx provide crash support in the event of an accident. Agents are on hand 24/7 to contact local authorities. Additionally, CarLink's Emergency Response Center offers a variety of roadside assistance services as well as providing you with your car's current location for a police report if it's stolen. Then again, there's always the chance that you just forgot where you parked, and in that case, both devices can guide you back to your car with simple directions on your smart device. Works with both Automatic and CarLink Automatic Car Adapter and Apps You'll get features 5, 7, 8, and 9. See more at #918AUTOMA2 $99.99 A Y S # 7 Understand "Check engine" codes Check engine. Two words that make a whole lot of us inch up our shoulders in dread. It used to be that you had two choices: ignore that glaring warning or head straight to the mechanic and hope the warning didn't mean, "check engine...because it's about to explode!" Automatic knows that the warning can mean a wide variety of things, and so, with their Car Adapter and Apps, they've empowered drivers with the specifics. With that kind of information, you'll be able to discern if you have a problem that needs immediate attention. The Voxx CarLink ASCL4 offers a similar service that goes as far as offering monthly diagnostic reports with tips for improving your car's health. Works with both Automatic and CarLink 5 Voxx CarLink ASCL4 You'll get features 5, 6, 7, and 10. See more at #220ASCL4 $279.99 (service subscription plan required) Keep your teen driver safer Ease parental stress by using the Voxx CarLink ASCL4 to create geo-boundaries for your teen's car. If the car travels outside of an approved zone, you'll receive an alert. You'll also be able to monitor the car's location remotely. If distractions are your worry, use the ZoomSafer app to block your teen's texting and emailing capabilities on select smartphones when the car's in motion. And if necessary, a message will be sent informing the sender of any in-bound text that the driver is busy. Works with CarLink 6 18 Have questions? Email us for answers:

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