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Start your car with your phone If you have a compatible remote start system installed in your car, the Voxx CarLink ASCL4 lets you use your Apple or Android device to start the ignition from a distance. That's pretty handy when you're running late and your key fob is on the other side of the house. Plus, there's no greater luxury than climbing into a warm car on an ice-cold morning, especially when a certain someone isn't happy about getting into his carseat. Works with CarLink Make the most out of Nest Have you already made the jump to Nest in your home? With the Automatic in your car, you can take full advantage of your connected house using "If This, Then That" programmable commands. If you drive within close proximity of your home, for instance, the garage door will open, or the front door will unlock, or the lights will turn on, or all three at once - you decide. In the winter, you can program Automatic to alert your Nest Thermostat when you start your car so that your house is perfectly toasty when you get home. Make your day easier with Automatic and Nest, and conserve a bit of energy while you're at it. Works with Automatic 8 Track your business trips If you use your car for work, keeping a log of work- related travel can be tedious. Automatic makes it simple by keeping a record of every journey you make. Attribute trips as work-related when you make them, or do it later when you have the time. The Automatic App lets you filter by time and date, distance, duration, cost, or miles per gallon. And Automatic makes it easy to integrate your data with popular expense management software like Concur and Expensify . Works with Automatic 9 10 me. Make your day easier with st, and conserve a e you're at it. atic ss trips log of work- c makes it simple u make. Attribute em, or do it later App lets you n, cost, or miles to integrate Free tech support for life Need help with your gear? You can call us for guidance - whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See

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