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Product Spotlight: JVC El Kameleon DVD receivers W ith their new El Kameleon DVD receivers, JVC took a bold step: they eliminated the buttons you usually Rnd on 4" tall stereos. What's left is a cool, sleek-looking touchscreen in your dash that lets you access its impressive set of features through a convenient, customizable display. The technology behind JVC's Clear Active touch control monitors gives you the visual impression that you're using old-school hard keys, but with the versatility to change up the keys to take full advantage of the 6.8" touchscreen area and its 6.2" video display. The user-friendly layout lets you navigate quickly through a variety of options. On the receiver's left side, you'll find static icons for the home screen, next window, and +/- controls for volume and other adjustments. You can then customize the icons on the right side and choose from a variety of menu screen options. Touchscreen control over lots of smartphones These receivers incorporate music access for both iPhone and Android smartphones, including streaming apps like Spotify , Pandora , and Apple Music . JVC even brings screen mirroring for Android phones with an MHL/HDMI connection and Apple CarPlay compatibility into the mix for select El Kameleon models. Great sound and fun options The El Kameleon line's loaded in the audio department, too. A digital sound processor featuring a 13-band EQ and digital time alignment ensures your music hits with plenty of punch and accuracy. JVC's K2 technology helps your lossy music files regain their depth and detail. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair with two phones at once, for seamless transition of control between you and a passenger. An optional iDatalink Maestro ( lets you keep factory features like steering wheel controls, and offers onscreen gauges in lots of vehicles for tracking your car's performance. Futuristic fingertip control JVC'S EL KAMELEON LINE REINVENTS THE TOUCHSCREEN RECEIVER 24 Find the receivers and other products that work in your car at

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