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N ext time you get the band together, make sure youre ready to rock. You need more than just a guitar amp and a drum kit to sound good. A PA system is key, whether youre jamming in the basement or planning a live gig. What do you need, and how do the pieces work together? Check out our recommended setup for a four-piece band, which features excellent, professional-quality gear thats also portable and aordable. BY ERIC ANGEVINE Anatomy PA system of a Crowd pleasers Good PA speakers fill your venue with hard-hitting sound. Theyre especially crucial for vocals. Were big fans of these 15" Yamaha speakers that deliver clear sound with up to 1000 watts of power. Yamaha DBR15 powered PA speaker #845DBR15 $599.99 each See our full selection of PA speakers at Control the mix The mixer is your sound control center it lets you blend all the parts into a harmonious wall of music. This 12-channel Mackie mixer has onboard effects like reverb and delay, 7-band EQ to dial in the main and monitor mixes, and plenty of inputs for mics and instruments. Mackie ProFX12v2 mixer #863PFX12V2 $279.99 Check out more mixers at 26 Talk with a pro audio specialist: 1-800-555-9369

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