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Eric Angevine assembled and transported PA systems large and small in his former life as a broadcast production engineer. Hear your voice Whether you're a touring pro or just a music fan, you've no doubt seen this vocal mic in action. The Shure SM58 is the most popular vocal mic in the world. It's legendary for being durable, reliable, and sounding great. You'll find it just about everywhere live music is made. Shure SM58 vocal microphone #183SM58 $99.99 Go online to see more stage mics at For your ears only If you can't hear yourself, you probably aren't going to perform well. The 12" version of the Yamaha DBR PA speaker makes an excellent monitor. It's clear, powerful, and has an angled edge so you can lay it down and still hear each and every note. Yamaha DBR12 powered PA speaker #845DBR12 $499.99 each Check out all of our stage monitors at Get wired Quality cables ensure great sound and durability. We recommend RapcoHorizon XLR cables for mics and PA speakers. See all our cables at ProCables zon Instrument mic When miking guitar amps, you want each instrument's tone to be heard clearly. The supercardioid pattern on this Sennheiser mic for amps makes sure each guitar stands out in the mix. Sennheiser e 609 Silver guitar amp microphone #143E609S $109.99 See our full selection of mics at Learn more about live sound at 27

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