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Templates are essential when youre cutting new speaker openings. Of course, its a lot easier to use (or enlarge) an existing opening. A Pro.Fit Wire Worm (#042DM4533, $12.99) often helps with running the wires in tower speaker installations. Many marine sub enclosures arent pre-drilled for speaker cable. Thats good, because it allows you to create an opening that works best on your boat. In this installation, we mounted the amp on a bulkhead. Its a safe, secure location that oers plenty of airSow. Check the cutout To replace an existing speaker, remove it and measure the opening's diameter, the cavity depth, and the space around it. That way, you'll be able to order speakers that fit, or know how much larger the opening needs to be. For a new opening, use the included brackets as templates for placement and cutting. Towering achievements These speakers clamp on to the tower, which is easy enough. Running speaker wire through the tower is the time- consuming part. Most towers have a channel for the safety light wire; you can use that wire to help thread the speaker wire all the way through. Location is everything With the variety of compact marine amplifiers out there, it's easier than you think to find a good location on your boat. These amps are water- resistant , not waterproof, so it's always best to choose a spot that's sheltered and out of the way, like a storage space. Make sure there's enough room around the amp location to allow for proper airflow. And always use marine- rated power and speaker wires to connect everything. TOWER SPEAKERS SPEAKERS These rugged, high-powered 8" wakeboard tower speakers will bring big sound to your ski boat. Wet Sounds Icon 8 B-SC #867IC8BSC $899.99 This powerful 5-channel marine amp has the juice to drive a complete marine audio system. JL Audio M700/5 #136M7005 $599.99 For more tips, visit Veteran CrutchReld writer Jon Paulettes favorite job ever was crewing aboard the 127-foot yacht, Miss Ann. But this is nice, too. SUBWOOFERS AMPLIFIERS Save space for bass A little bass goes a long way in the water, so when you're designing your boat's audio system, try not to go overboard (ahem). Carefully measure the proposed sub location, and be sure to factor storage needs and any weird angles into your installation planning. Even on larger boats, it's better to avoid wasted space and unnecessary weight. Boost your bass with this 10" marine subwoofer mounted in a waterproof fiberglass enclosure. JL Audio FS110-W5-SG-TB #13691955 $649.99 Stylish speakers from FUSION combine outstanding sound with built-in blue/white LEDs. FUSION SG-FL77SPW #917F77SPW $399.99

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