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BY DEIA Z. Q&A: L ots of our customers use home theater receivers for surround sound in their living rooms. But many receivers can also play music in a second room - a feature known as "zone 2 audio." It's a great way to enjoy your home theater sources through speakers on your porch or a stereo setup in your bedroom. If you're curious or confused about zone 2 audio, you're not alone. We get lots of questions on this topic. So we've answered some of them here (using Yamaha receivers as examples - we're quite impressed with their multi-zone capability). Still need guidance? Our sales advisors and tech support folks are here - whether you need help choosing a receiver or setting it up for second-zone audio after you buy. Zone 2 audio Q: What receivers offer zone 2 capability? A: If you want multi-zone playback, look for a receiver with seven or more channels. These receivers will almost always have powered zone 2 outputs. That means you can enjoy audio in a second room by connecting an additional pair of speakers - without an additional receiver or amp. This method is simpler than using preamp zone 2 outputs, which require a separate receiver or amp in the second room. Q: How do I set it up? A: First, you'll need a pair of stereo speakers for zone 2. Next, you'll need enough in-wall-rated speaker wire to cover the distance between your receiver and your second audio zone. Connect the speakers to the zone 2 outputs on your receiver - they're usually labeled. Check your receiver's manual for details. You may need to run wires through walls to connect speakers in zone 2. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds - particularly if you're running wire to an adjoining room. Dropped ceilings can be easy to work with, too. And new construction offers ultimate flexibility. Need help? Call our tech support team. Or, check our website for articles and videos on how to get connected. Visit Q: What sources can I play in zone 2? A: Zone 2 source output varies among receiver brands and models. For example, the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A750 offers independent zone 2 playback of any analog sources you have connected, in addition to the AM/FM tuner. It can also output USB audio, network sources like Pandora , and Powered zone 2 outputs are speaker terminals made for sending audio to a second room. 38 Free shipping on everything in this catalog

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