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Free In-wall W hether it's enveloping movie sound or rich, detailed music you're after, we have plenty of great speakers to choose from. But before you start shopping, ask yourself this: Do I want in-wall or freestanding speakers? BY DAVE BAR HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT SPEAKERS vs. High-end in-wall performance The unique enclosure on the back of Monitor Audio's CP-WT150 (above) allows it to deliver consistently focused, well- balanced sound no matter what kind of space is behind it in your wall. Its pivoting tweeter can also be aimed toward your listening spot for crisper, clearer sound. Monitor Audio CP-WT150 #893CPWT150 $324.99 each Why in-walls? I used to have a sniffy attitude towards in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Not anymore. That's because today's models deliver seriously high-fidelity sound - a far cry from the old-school in-walls I grew up with in elevators, hotel lobbies, and my dentist's office. Matched with a good amplifier or receiver, modern in-wall speakers make an excellent choice for a powerful- yet-stealthy, high-end home theater or stereo system. Many of these speakers even include built-in sound-shaping controls and pivoting tweeters, so you can dial in the best sound for your room. Check out our full selection of speakers at In-wall speakers Space saving Cramped quarters? In-wall speakers can deliver rich, powerful sound with minimal intrusion into your living space. Kid- and pet-friendly While stand-mounted and floor-standing speakers make easy targets for kids and dogs, in-walls stay safely out of reach. Aesthetics Not everyone can see the beauty in a room full of speakers. In-wall and in-ceiling models are practically invisible. 40 Have questions? Email us for answers:

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