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standing Need help installing in-wall speakers? Installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers requires cutting holes and running wires through your walls. If you need reassurance or guidance, we're here for you - every step of the way. Our advisors can help you choose the right speakers, and our in-house tech support is available seven days a week to answer questions after you buy. Need installation tips? Visit to watch our video, or see to read our in-depth guide. Planning a large, multi-room system? Check with the experts in our A/V Design group to find a solution that works for you. For more info, visit Room-Rlling sound, compact speakers Monitor Audio's Radius 90 bookshelf speakers (above) deliver big sonic impact, precise imaging, and a huge soundstage. We've heard our share of compact monitors around here, but rarely do we find such impressive sound in such a tiny package. Available in walnut (shown), high-gloss black, and high-gloss white. Monitor Audio Radius 90 #893R90W $499.99 pair Why freestanding? Freestanding bookshelf and tower speakers make a lot of sense if you're an audio perfectionist like me. They can be easily positioned to optimize their sound (and believe me, I've spent plenty of time adjusting mine to get them just right). Plus, they can often be bi-amped and connected with premium speaker wire to further enhance their performance. Along with great sound, freestanding speakers also come in an array of shapes, sizes, and finishes that can complement the dcor of almost any room. Free- standing speakers Performance Freestanding speakers can be positioned more precisely around the room for optimum sound quality. Flexibility Bookshelf and floor- standing speakers are easy to move into another room or a new house. Ease of use Freestanding speakers are relatively simple to set up and connect. 41

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