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Product Spotlight: Klipsch R-15PM powered speakers Perfect for a compact system If you're looking for a music system for a bedroom or an apartment, these Klipsch speakers are an excellent place to start. Own a good turntable? The speakers have a built-in phono preamp. Want better TV sound in the bedroom? There's an optical digital input for your HDTV. Connect your computer to the speakers' USB input to access your entire digital library. Or use Bluetooth to stream tunes from your phone using Spotify , YouTube , or any app. There's also a minijack input for an iPod Classic (still a great player!) or other digital music player. If you want to kick up the bass, connect a separate powered subwoofer to the sub output. Dependable Klipsch sound The R-15PMs have a 1" horn-loaded tweeter and a 5" woofer - the components responsible for Klipsch's unmistakable detail and accurate stereo imaging. A built-in 50-watt amplifier drives the speakers. That's plenty of power thanks to Klipsch's legendary efficient speaker design. #714R15PM $499.99 pair Get all the specs on these speakers online at Easy to set up All the connections are built into the right speaker. Just connect your gear, use the included cable to connect the left speaker, plug in the power cord, and you're ready to go. Are these the most versatile speakers available? With these features, they just might be. Don't get up! Select input sources and control the volume with the included remote control. W hen we describe a pair of speakers, were usually talking about sound and build quality. Thats only part of the story with the new Klipsch R-15PM powered stereo speakers. The big news is the versatile connections these speakers oer, for superb stereo sound without a receiver. 21st century speakers Turntable ready Bluetooth enabled PC ready TV ready No receiver needed Simple setup 42 Chat live with one of our experts

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