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Covering the basics At Crutchfield, we get hands-on a lot, and we love encouraging others to do so as well. I've been a part of over 50 installations in my career; now I'd like to share some top-level tips that I and others around here have learned, so you can upgrade the sound in your vehicle, too. E ver think about putting a new stereo in your vehicle? Maybe some speakers and even an amp? Not sure if you can do the installation yourself? You're certainly not alone. Most of our customers have felt that way - as did many of us when we started out at CrutchReld. But thanks to the in-depth help we've provided for the last 42 years, hundreds of thousands of our customers have learned they can do it themselves. YOU CAN DO IT! GOOD SOUND IS WELL WORTH THE EFFORT Find ways to upgrade your ride at BY DAVID DELAMERE The most important part: planning, planning, planning Did I mention planning? That's the most important part of any installation. Careful planning can save you time, so don't skip this step. Thinking about what needs to be done to complete your installation also prevents miscues along the way. Reading the manuals for your new gear, going over the instructions we provide for your vehicle, and getting all your tools ready makes for a more efficient and enjoyable installation. Blaupunkt GTb 1200 DE 12" sub, $119.99 ADD A SUB FOR BIG BASS Soundstream PN5-640D 5-channel ampliRer, $199.99 POWER UP NEW SPEAKERS Polk db6501 component speakers, $139.99/set GET SPACIOUS SOUND Alpine CDE-HD148BT CD receiver, $189.99 TWEAK THE SOUND FROM THE DASH 43

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