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REMOVING THE OLD RADIO Getting the factory radio out represents your first step. I find that most first-timers get a huge confidence boost from this step it gets them right into the feel of the installation. I also notice that folks who are really tired of their old system attack this part with a lot of vigor. One of the scariest parts of an installation is popping trim panels o. But by using the right amount of leverage with the proper tools for the job, youll quickly get the hang of it. Many factory radios require special tools to release them from the dash. We oer these tools for a variety of vehicles, and theyre often free with your stereo purchase. When a special tool isnt needed, you can generally use a screwdriver or socket set to unbolt the radio. Keep all screws and fasteners in a sealed container. Once the radios unbolted, youll unplug the wiring harnesses. They can be Rnicky, so a small Sat screwdriver can come in handy to release the harness clip. 1 3 2 4 A FIRST STEP FOR EVERYTHING The first step you'll see on our MasterSheet instructions is to disconnect the battery. Naturally, you want to install your new gear right away, but it's easy to touch bare wires to metal or to other wires during the installation. This can short out and damage your vehicle's electrical system. Disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery prevents this from happening. Master the install Our exclusive MasterSheet instructions show you how to replace your speakers and stereo. If we have them for your car, we'll include them for free with stereo and speaker orders. YOUR SYSTEM'S CENTERPIECE Your car stereo is arguably the most important component in your audio system. It has to look good, since it's usually centered in the dash, but it's also the junction point for all the features and connections for your system. Installing a new receiver really sets the stage for the rest of the system upgrade. Our dash kits (like the one on the left) integrate new car stereos seamlessly into your vehicle. We oer them at deep discounts when you buy a stereo from us. A NEW STEREO Read Jen and Greg's installation story at jenandgreg DEGREES OF DIFFICULTY Different vehicles require different methods to remove the factory radio. Sometimes, it's as simple as using tools to release the radio and slide it out. Sometimes, the whole dash has to be removed. The bulk of vehicles usually fall somewhere in the middle, where you need to remove a couple panels to access the screws or bolts securing the radio. Once again, a good plan of attack comes in handy. Sometimes, you gotta go Rshin'! To get wires from one place to another in a vehicle, such as when installing a Bluetooth microphone, working in and around the substructure becomes necessary. Using tools like Pro.Fit's Wire Worm makes running the wiring much easier. Pro.Fit Wire Worm #042DM4533 $12.99 Save 50% on select tools with any stereo purchase tech tip 44 Hablamos espaol 1-800-955-9039

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