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ADDING AMP POWER Sure, most car stereos have a built-in amp to power the speakers in your system. But installing an outboard amp delivers more power to help get the most out of new speakers. It's not just about more volume - an amp brings out the speakers' potential for higher output and better Rdelity from your music. BUMP IT UP GETTING THE NEW RADIO IN Here's where your planning really starts paying off. By making and following a checklist of what you need to connect to the receiver, you'll have these connections ready when it's time to mount the radio in the dash. The type of radio you're installing will also dictate the number of wires involved. More sophisticated car stereos, like multimedia and navigation models, require a number of connections to use all their great features. WHERE TO PUT EVERYTHING Newer receivers provide you more and more ways to connect extra gear, such as USB extension cables, Bluetooth microphones, and auxiliary input cables. Since you need access to these items, you'll need to think about where you want to mount them. Meanwhile, items like hideaway satellite radio tuners and steering wheel interface modules can be hidden behind or under the dash, since you won't need to get at them once the system is up and running. Find out more about car stereo installation at Bluetooth mics mount on the dash or clip on the sun visor, so callers can hear you clearly. Some stereos have a rear USB port with an extension cable you can hide in the dash pocket or glove box for a clean look. In addition to the wiring harness, you'll need to plug additional cables, like a mic wire, into the back of the radio. Keep the steering wheel controls We carry special interfaces that let you control a new radio using the factory controls on your steering wheel. Check out these adapters at Yup, ampliRed sound can evoke these types of reactions when they're cranked up for the Rrst time. Read Mark's installation story at marksdiy You can connect the wiring harness adapter for your vehicle to the new radio's harness on a table or bench before you're even in the car. Assemble the dash kit and attach it to the new car stereo, so it's ready to be mounted in the dash. We include dash kits and wiring harnesses with most receiver orders. Install items that connect to the back of the receiver, like a Bluetooth microphone or satellite radio tuner, before you mount the receiver. Place the radio and kit assembly in the dash to see how the kit aligns with the factory trim. Then you can tweak the kit as needed. With the radio wiring and dash kit ready, plug in all the cables and double-check the connections. Loosely fasten the radio in place, connect the battery, and do a sound check to make sure all connections are working. If it's all good, you can secure the radio in the dash. 1 4 2 5 3 6 45

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