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CHANGING YOUR SPEAKERS Most vehicles require that you remove some panels, such as on your doors, to access the speakers. When I first started out, I wondered if I'd broken something after hearing that telltale pop of a panel releasing. But once I had one panel off, the others came off easier. And yes, the right tools and a good plan also help. Save on vehicle-speciRc and universal installation gear We oer installation items at deep discounts and often for free when you buy new speakers or a car stereo. Go to to get the right gear for your car, and to see how much youll save on installation gear. REPLACING YOUR SPEAKERS Since theyre what you actually hear, new speakers make a huge impact in a sound system upgrade. So how hard are they to install? The answer, of course, depends on your vehicle. Our online OutRt My Car SM tool does the hard part of determining which speakers Rt your car. The MasterSheet instructions we include with your purchase then detail the installation for your speciRc vehicle. New speakers, like the Rockford Fosgate Prime R165X3 on the right, oer better technology and construction than factory speakers. WHAT YOU HEAR A SUB IS A SPEAKER, TOO Made for serious bass oomph, subwoofers are usually mounted in enclosures instead of factory speaker locations. They can be secured in your trunk or rear cargo space using Velcro strips or screwed to a piece of plywood slid underneath your carpet. Panel removal tools are vital in safely removing panels to get the old speakers out and make way for new ones. Often, new speakers wont simply attach to factory locations. If theyre available for your car, we oer speaker brackets to help with the Rt. While most of the time you can unscrew factory speakers to get them out, some manufacturers may have used fasteners that require drilling. If youre working tweeters into your system, youll usually have to make brackets to secure them in the factory openings. Learn more at Once you attach the speakers to the wiring harnesses we include, youre ready to plug them in and secure them to the vehicle. Once mounted, you usually cant tell anything was changed, until you crank your system on. 1 4 2 5 3 6 WE'RE WITH YOU So now you're ready to upgrade your own ride. For help in choosing the right gear for your system, check with our well-trained advisors, available by phone, email, and online chat. And if you run into snags along the way with gear you've bought from us, you can also call upon our knowledgeable, Virginia- based tech support staff - available free for the life of your gear. Check out more installation info at David Delamere has scraped a few knuckles in several installations during his 19-year career with CrutchReld. A great way to combat unwanted road noise and get the most out of your new speakers is to apply a sound-deadening product, like Dynamat or Hushmat, to your speaker locations. Since you already have the panels o, you can apply these sheets to the metal frames before the speakers are installed. Dynamat and Hushmat speaker kits Prices range from $24.99 - $479.99 tech tip

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