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Enjoy more fun in the air with the Bebop 2 With the Bebop 2, Parrot took their enormously popular drone and made it even better. Now you can enjoy faster speeds - 29 MPH+ - and up to 25 minutes of flight time on a single battery charge. And that makes getting HD photos and video from on high more fun than ever. Parrot Bebop 2 Drone and Skycontroller Black Bundle #333BEBOBW $799.99 Check out Parrot's drone videos at Safe travels As you gear up for your next adventure, secure your Bebop and Skycontroller safely in the Parrot Backpack. It offers custom-fit foam padding, plus adjustable straps and handy side pockets to house your extra accessories. Parrot backpack for Bebop #333BEBPACK $129.99 Get the whole story at Pop your phone or tablet into the Skycontroller dock to get pinpoint control with the sensitive joysticks built into the handgrips. Bass from a box only 4" deep You might assume that restoring your classic car means you can't enjoy great bass in it. Well, thanks to RetroSound, you can. This slim enclosure houses an 8" subwoofer in a sealed box just four inches deep. It plays powerfully and accurately, and tucks away neatly out of sight, making it ideal for any car with limited amounts of space. Extra power with minimal modiRcation At roughly the size of a large candy bar, the tiny RetroSound Quad4 delivers mighty sound while mounting almost anywhere, such as under seats or behind the dash. It'll work with just about any stereo, but if you already have a RetroSound stereo, you'll enjoy easy plug-and-play hookup. Fly faster and longer than ever with Parrot Better sound for classic cars Note: The FAA requires users to register their drones. State and/or local laws may also restrict the use of this drone in certain areas. RetroSound Quad4 amplifier #068QUAD4 $139.99 Get the full scoop at RetroSound shallow sub enclosure #068RTW82EN $169.99 Learn more at Get the inside scoop We try out lots of the gear we sell and get expert training from the folks who make it. See product reviews and videos at

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