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Eric Angevine uses home automation to be isolated and connected at the same time. Got Sonos? Set it up to work with SmartThings If you have any Sonos gear in your house (see page 32), you can integrate it with SmartThings. I set up my Sonos PLAY:1 in my office to pause the music if the front door opens, so I can listen to see who's there. There are other cool possibilities when you integrate Sonos with SmartThings. Set up your Sonos speaker to play a loud alarm sound if your motion sensor is tripped while you're out of town.Or have it cue up your favorite playlist when the garage door goes up, so you can enter a house filled with music. Sonos PLAY:1 #616PLAY1B $199 WHO'S THERE? The front and back doors to my townhouse are connected to my SmartThings system via SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors . I get an alert on my smartphone whenever the door opens. That makes it easier to keep track of my teenage son's comings and goings. I know the second he gets home from school - and when he's leaving for a friend's house. LET THERE BE LIGHT I set up the SmartThings Outlet in the living room. I plugged in a lamp and programmed the system to turn the light on when the door opens. It's a welcoming touch for friends and family, and serves as a warning to any uninvited guests that we're aware of their presence. MOTION DETECTION My neighbor's cat sometimes sneaks into my garage if I leave the door open. I've set up the SmartThings Motion Sensor inside, so I can make sure he doesn't get trapped in there. It's also great for knowing if anyone unsavory is poking around my property. 51

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