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THIS IS WHAT'S HOT A truly innovative big screen There are projector screens - and then there are the Black Diamond screens from Screen Innovations. They're designed to reject ambient light, so you get a vivid picture in any room - not just a dark basement theater. The 7 Series Zero Edge screens also preserve the true colors delivered by your projector for stunning accuracy and contrast. The screen's slim frame even has an LED light array, which you can use for an optional backlight effect - a cool feature for creating ambient light when you're not watching movies. Screen Innovations 7-Series 100" Black Diamond Backlight Screen #9547TZ100B $3990 Learn more at An instant picture upgrade for HDTVs Want to improve your HDTV's picture quality without investing in a new 4K TV? Just insert the Darbee Darblet DVP 5000S in the signal chain between your video source and TV or projector. This compact processor analyzes images, then increases contrast between lighter and darker details to create an enhanced sense of depth. With this precise approach, the DVP 5000S enhances image quality without adding noise or altering overall color, contrast, or black level. The effect is adjustable, and there's a split-screen demo mode for easy before/after comparisons. Darbee Darblet DVP 5000S video processor #890DVP5KS $249 Get the details at Looking for something good to watch? Just ask. Tired of endlessly searching and scrolling through your favorite video streaming services to find a movie? Just ask Siri with the latest Apple TV. The remote has built-in microphones, so Siri's voice recognition can quickly find what you're looking for. From Netflix to Amazon Instant Video to your entire iTunes library, Apple TV delivers all kinds of content to your TV and home theater system. It also offers AirPlay for streaming music, photos, and videos from your iPhone , iPad , or Mac . Apple TV 32 GB (4th generation) #472APPTV32 $149 Check it out at 6 Chat live with one of our experts

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