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A square foot of thunder In truth, this JL Audio home subwoofer is less than a square foot in size. But we're not joking about the thunder - the compact Dominion d108 delivers bass that's both powerful and tight. There's a lot of sophisticated technology behind this subwoofer's performance. A 500- watt amplifier pushes the 8-inch driver relentlessly, moving large amounts of air for deep bass impact. The d108 even does its own internal signal analysis to ensure accurate performance. JL Audio Dominion d108 powered subwoofer #136D108AS $799.99 Visit High-res preamp/DAC Peachtree Audio has a knack for designing gear that looks and sounds cool. We got a sneak peek at the compact sonaDAC last year and were impressed. This versatile component packs a lot of value into its small chassis. It's a preamp with five digital inputs, including a USB port for a computer. It's also an excellent digital-to-analog converter, so you can get more depth and detail from your digital music library (yep, it'll handle high- res files). Finally, the sonaDAC boasts a high-performance headphone amp that can do justice to audiophile cans. Peachtree Audio sonaDAC digital preamp/digital-to-analog converter #731SONADAC $1299.99 Power to match Peachtree's matching sonaAMP is the perfect companion for the sonaDAC. It puts out a hefty 150 watts per channel thanks to its innovative Class D technology. We love the balanced XLR inputs for an ultra-low-noise connection to the sonaDAC. Pair these two components along with good bookshelf speakers, and you've got a killer system that doesn't take up much space. Peachtree Audio sonaAMP compact power amplifier #731SONAAMP $999.99 Save $300 when you purchase the sonaDAC and sonaAMP together. Get the details at Compact digital music combo SAVE $300 WHEN YOU BUY BOTH Free, fast shipping You get free shipping on everything in this catalog. And most orders leave our warehouse the same day. See 9

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