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TIPS FOR PLANNING YOUR OUTDOOR SOUND SYSTEM W ant your cookouts to really rock this summer? Just add music. Now is the time to start planning a system for your yard, and I've got some pointers. For the past 12 summers, I've helped customers ensure a fun grilling season. You can contact me or any of our A/V designers for help. In the mean- time, check out two common outdoor speaker system plans. BY TONY, A/V DESIGNER SMALL DECK OR PATIO If you want music for an area right outside the house, a pair of stereo speakers should do the job. Figure out where you'll put them before you buy. For the best stereo effect, mount the left and right speakers about 10 feet apart. I suggest mounting them underneath the eaves of your roof to protect them from rain. But the good news is most outdoor speakers are weather-resistant. How will you power your speakers? You'll need a receiver or amp to power your speakers and connect music sources. Already have a receiver with Zone 2 outputs? That might be all you need. When thinking about power, remember: for the same perceived volume outside that you get indoors, you need about twice as much power. Here, the dining table is in the sweet spot for stereo sound, about 12 feet from each speaker. The higher you can mount speakers, the better up to about 10 feet o the porch surface. FILL YOUR YARD WITH MUSIC One of my favorite patio speakers A pair of Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers would be a nice addition to any deck. They sound rich and full, even at low volume levels. A pressure-coupled radiator helps provide more bass response than you'd expect without a separate subwoofer. Available in black or white. Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speakers #735AW6500W $249.50 Sale $199.50 each Valid through 5/31/17 The speakers in the Acoustic Landscape AS4.1 system are designed to be heard not seen. DIY SAVE $100 PER PAIR 10 Call us for one-on-one help: 1-800-555-8211

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