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MUSIC THROUGHOUT THE YARD To enjoy music across a larger yard, you'll need to cover different areas or zones" with sound. Think of each zone as you would a room in your house. You need the right amount of speakers for each zone, so that it's never too loud or too soft in one area. You also want the ability to turn music on and off in each space. Some outdoor setups let you control power and volume with your phone. But is that ideal near the pool? Think about where separate, waterproof volume controls might come in handy. Don't forget the speaker wire I always recommend direct-burial cable for longer runs. To be safe, buy at least 10 percent more speaker wire than you think you need. A complete, discreet backyard solution The Acoustic Landscape AS4.1 is a full-yard speaker system. It includes four low-profile speakers that blend in next to your pool, garden, or fire pit so you can add great sound. You can hide the powerful 8" subwoofer by burying it in the ground. Need a large outdoor system? We can make you a detailed plan and tell you how many speakers youll need to cover your dierent zones. Plus well explain the best way for you to power those speakers. See below. Extend your Wi-Fi outside Does your Wi-Fi reach out to your yard? You'll want it to - that way you can use your phone to play and control music while enjoying fresh air. A new router or extender can boost your wireless signal so that your home Wi-Fi network stretches through your yard. See page 46 for a simple solution. Expert system design Need help planning your outdoor speaker system? We love Rguring out this stu. Fill out a design request form at Read our full outdoor speaker planning guide: outdoorplan Acoustic Landscape AS4.1 outdoor speaker system #981AS41 $1,699.99 11

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