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The JVC Nick decided to install offers a lot of features for the money, such as Bluetooth, smartphone integration, and an option for SiriusXM. Its sleek look adds some pop to the dash - especially when used with Scosche's matching dash kit (see next page). JVC KD-R988BTS CD receiver #105KDR988B $129.99 D ave, one of our editors, mentioned that his brother-in- law, Nick, was interested in upgrading a cute 2013 Fiat 500 convertible that he and his wife had just bought. As you might've guessed, we knew this would be a great DIY adventure. BY DAVID DELAMERE Nick's wife, Angela, had just picked out their new vehicle, and Nick quickly realized that it might need some audio upgrades. He'd heard other systems that included aftermarket gear, and he definitely wanted that sound. The Fiat's factory system just wasn't getting it done. The sound was a little thin and puny, even for this diminutive coupe. So Nick checked in with Dave, and they started talking new gear. Nick had never worked on upgrading audio gear in a vehicle, but he was interested in giving it a try. Dave let him know that with Crutchfield's help, it was a job he could handle. We recommended a new stereo and a pair of component speakers for his upgrade. We sent Nick the MasterSheet instructions that we normally include with any car stereo or speaker purchase, so he had a chance to do a little homework before the installation. He saw what was involved in getting a new radio and new component speakers installed. We email these instructions to customers while their gear is in transit, so like Nick, they can plan ahead and know what they need for the job. FIXING UP A FIAT Already time for a change? UPGRADING THE STEREO AND SPEAKERS IN A COOL CONVERTIBLE Because of his willingness to take part in this article, Nick received his new gear compliments of JVC and CrutchReld. DIY 12 It's DIY season! Check out more project ideas at

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