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GETTING THE FACTORY RADIO OUT OF THE DASH Fiats factory dash console certainly stands out from the crowd. We were excited to see how a new car stereo would look in it. Nick had the MasterSheet instructions by his side during the entire installation. Nicks Rrst step was to remove the vehicles negative battery terminal, which helped protect the Fiats electrical system while he was working with the wiring. Removing blank buttons on the factory radio revealed holes for the DIN tools we oer that Nick used to release the radio. Nick then unscrewed the metal sleeve in the dash cavity, which provided more room for the new radio. The Rrst step included a unique radio removal Staying in line with our instructions, we recommended that Nick begin with the car stereo. In his vehicle, it was a fairly straightforward - if unique - process. Successful completion of this step provided Nick with some confidence. GETTING THAT NEW RADIO GOODNESS IN THE DASH The dash kits pearl white Rnish matches the rest of the dash trim, while the JVC receivers unique styling delivers an eye-catching look and a bunch of cool features. Nick used Posi- Product connectors for the connections between the radio harness and the adapter we supplied for the Fiat. Nick affixed the JVC radios sleeve in the Scosche dash kit. This stabilized the radio once it was in the dash cavity. With a little help from his wife, Angela, Nick slid the JVC receiver inside the sleeve until it locked into place. Nick made all the wiring connections and inserted his new JVC into the dash. A stylish kit helps with Rt Nick broke down the receiver installation into steps. He prepped the wiring in the dash, and ran the Bluetooth microphone wire. Then he mounted the radio in the kit, plugged the wiring harness into the stereo, and secured the kit in the dash. Start Completing the system We let Nick know that a new component speaker system would make the sound from his new radio much more robust than it would be with the factory speakers. Nick jumped in with both feet, learning how to remove door panels, splice into factory wiring (since harnesses were not available), and mount new speakers into the factory locations. To see more of Nick's installation, check out . JVC's CS-DR600C component speakers provide a larger, more detailed sound to go along with the added receiver power in the Fiat. JVC CS-DR600C 6" component speakers #105CSDR600 $99.99 Save 50% on up to two pairs of JVC speakers when you buy them with a select JVC receiver Save on vehicle-speciRc and universal installation gear Installation items like wiring harnesses and mounting brackets are deeply discounted when you buy a new stereo or speakers. Go to to see what works with your car. d Start I thought this tech stuff was out of my league, but you guys really know your stuff. The sound is 100 times better." Nick

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