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POOLSIDE PARTY SPLASHPROOF TUNES FOR YOUR B C W hen you play by the pool, chances are you're going to get wet. For these JBL Bluetooth speakers, that's not a problem. They're all splash- or waterproof. And they all deliver great sound, with built-in mics for hands-free phone calls. The only question is, which best suits your lifestyle? Something small for personal use, or a big brawny sound machine to jump start your party? Dive in! D A D. Big sound, bigger bass If you want it loud, you want a JBL Xtreme. Two full-range drivers with dual passive radiators kick out big, bold bass. Available in 3 colors. JBL Xtreme #109XTREMER $299.99 C. Keep your phone charged Use the JBL Charge 3's USB charging port to keep your smartphone powered up while you're on the go. Available in 5 colors. JBL Charge 3 #109CHRGE3T $149.99 B. Great sound indoors and out The compact JBL Flip 3 packs a surprisingly powerful sonic punch for its size. Wirelessly pair two Flip 3s for stereo sound. Available in 7 colors. JBL Flip 3 #109FLiP3GR $99.99 A. For personal listening Attach the JBL Clip 2's carabiner to your belt loop or backpack, and you're ready to go. Available in 5 colors. JBL Clip 2 #109CLiP2L $59.99 8-HOUR BATTERY 10-HOUR BATTERY 15-HOUR BATTERY 20-HOUR BATTERY SPLASH PROOF DEVICE CHARGING DEVICE CHARGING SPLASH PROOF WATER PROOF WATER PROOF See all our JBL splash- and waterproof speakers at 14 Have questions? Email us for answers

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