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Product Spotlight: Klipsch speaker & turntable bundle R eady to jump into vinyl, but not about to turn your back on your smartphone as a music player? There are lots of options, but few can match the combination of perfor- mance and value of this system from Klipsch. Turntable built by Pro-Ject When vinyl lovers look to move into the audiophile class without spending a fortune, many of them turn to Pro-Ject. Their entry-level turntables offer tons of value. So Klipsch asked them to build one for this package. The turntable features a reliable belt drive system, along with a low- vibration motor to minimize unwanted rumble from the system. The one-piece aluminum tonearm is outfitted with an Ortofon OM-5E moving-magnet cartridge. Those are high-quality components to unlock the rich details from the grooves of your records. Potent powered speakers Our customers have been impressed with the Klipsch R-15PM speakers since they were introduced last year. They have powerful amplification built in - no need for a separate receiver. The sound is pure Klipsch, with their famous horn-loaded tweeters delivering clean, clear detail. They've got solid bass response too, but if you need more, there's a connection for adding a subwoofer. These speakers have the most versatile connectivity we've seen on a pair of powered speakers. The built-in phono preamp allows direct connection to the turntable. There's also Bluetooth onboard, so you can stream music from your phone or tablet. And there are three more inputs - you could connect a computer, TV, and a portable digital music player. Klipsch R-15PM powered speakers and Pro-Ject turntable package #714R15PMBN $799.99 Sale $599.99 Valid through 3/31/17 Get all the details on this package: A complete analog and digital system These Klipsch speakers and Pro-Ject turntable are all you need to start spinning vinyl and streaming from your phone. SAVE $200 15

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