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MUS MAG MUSI BY JOSHUA CRANE Joshua Crane recently outRtted his shed with an audio system - his wife couldn't be reached for comment. Y ears of auditioning dierent types of speakers have convinced us: the best way to listen to music is through a pair of stereo speakers. Separate left- and right-channel speakers put you in the sweet spot of your systems sound Reld. The really cool part? You might even hear sounds coming from places where there are no speakers. Enjoy the 'live' sound feel at home Some single speakers offer stereo playback. But they can't create the sonic separation that a pair of speakers does. Stereo speakers let you hear the band as it naturally exists in space. You can clearly visualize the guitarist jamming out on the left of the stage, and the drummer driving the beat on the right. Vocals even sound like they're coming from a "phantom" center channel. GREAT STEREO SPEAKERS BRING YOUR MUSIC TO LIFE Klipsch RP-280F floor-standing speakers Two 8" woofers and a horn-loaded 1" tweeter deliver powerful sound. Available in ebony or cherry #714RP280FC $599.99 each To my delight I was blown away by the sound." Joe from Alabaster, AL Average: 5 stars based on 57 reviews* Use a pair of speakers for a wide soundstage This single speaker plays both channels of a stereo signal, but the left and right sound waves overlap right away. The left and right signals from the pair of speakers come from distinct locations. This physical separation creates a wide soundstage adding nuance, depth, realism, and huge sound to the listening experience. Single stereo speaker Pair of stereo speakers 16 60-day return policy. See

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