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THE STYLE & SOUND OF ILLUSION AUDIO CAR SPEAKERS FOR THE TRUE AUDIO ENTHUSIAST I llusion Audio boasts a rich history as an international manu- facturer of acclaimed car speakers, and now they're here to wow American drivers. In their own words, "The goal of Illusion Audio was always to develop our technology to bring true home audiophile sound from the listening room into the car." So, how do they do it? A close look at their various patented technologies shows you that Illusion seriously doesn't settle for the same old way of making car speakers. BY ALEXANDER HRABE This beryllium copper dome ensures accuracy and impressive smoothness in the high range. This is the magnet. Seriously. This front-loaded design helps power-handling and makes it a fit in more vehicles. Woven carbon fibers give this woofer cone enhanced sensitivity and durability. Sturdy spring-clip speaker posts make wiring efficient and easy. CARBON SERIES Brace yourself for perfection A luxury ride deserves luxury sound, and Illusion Audio's flagship Carbon Series component system (including an incredible 8 " version) and 2-way speakers are oh-so luxurious. These stylish speakers ooze innovation. In the components, a totally reimagined woofer cone places the magnet on the front of the speaker. This not only minimizes the depth of the woofer basket for fitting shallow factory locations, the smart structure also dissipates heat more effectively for higher power-handling. Plus, it just looks awesome. A woven carbon woofer and a beryllium copper tweeter, unified by an adjustable crossover system, ensure an incredibly smooth frequency response for premium sound in spite of the sonic challenges a vehicle creates. Illusion Audio Carbon component speakers Prices range from $699.99 - $1,149.99 Illusion Audio Carbon 2-way speakers Prices range from $699.99 - $999.99 18 Deeply discounted installation gear when you buy car speakers from us. See

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