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This deep-set tweeter placement provides optimal time-alignment with the woofer. Get a perfectly balanced sound with these external crossovers - a rarity with 2-ways. LUCCENT SERIES ELECTRA SERIES Premium sound made aordable You can't go wrong with Illusion's well-built, nicely priced Electra Series, which rivals the sound quality of other brands' premium lines. You won't find external crossovers included with the 2-ways, as with Carbon and Luccent. However, the crossovers in the Electra component system offer an impressive seven levels of tweeter attenuation for finding the perfect balance of highs to mids in your ride. Illusion Audio Electra component speakers Prices range from $279.99 $299.99 Illusion Audio Electra 2-way speakers Prices range from $169.99 $249.99 Step up with superior design The Luccent Series will satisfy your audio aspirations with jaw-dropping dynamics. You'll find the same front-loaded magnet design in the component woofer as in the Carbon Series, and the 2-way speakers also share a unique design with that line. Rather than mounting the tweeter on an extended post, as most 2-ways do, the high-frequency driver sits flush at the base of the woofer cone to improve time alignment with the mids. Illusion Audio replaces the woven woofer of Carbon with polypropylene in these speakers, providing a sturdy yet sensitive cone that works seamlessly with Luccent's enhanced aluminum dome tweeter. And that tweeter is a marvel - you'll hear a high range that rivals the smoothness of a silk dome tweeter but still delivers the detail you'd expect from a metal dome. Illusion Audio Luccent component and coaxial speakers Prices range from $649.99 $699.99 A titanium coating on this polypropylene woofer cone gives this speaker excellent detail in the midrange. See our full line of Illusion speakers at When Alexander Hrabe, CrutchReld veteran speaker writer, Rrst saw the Carbon front-loaded magnet, his eyes "literally" popped. 19

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