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For those who like their bass to blast See our entire selection of powered subwoofers at Buck Pomerantz has been showing people how to hook up subs since 2006. What plays deeper and louder than a 12" sub? Two 8s, that's what. JL Audio's ACP208LG- W3v3 MicroSub+ dual 8" powered subwoofer will play bass you'll feel in your guts. The built-in amp sends up to 500 watts RMS to the two highly efficient 8" drivers. The enclosure measures just over 5" thick, so it'll fit just about anywhere, even behind the seat in a lot of pickups. The enclosure's flared slot-port design cuts down on interfering noise and keeps your bass sounding rich and clear. JL Audio ACP208LG-W3v3 dual 8" powered subwoofer #13693331 $729.99 More bass sounds better If you enjoy music with a lot of bass content, you'll get a huge improvement in impact and feeling with a 12" powered subwoofer, like Memphis Audio's CSA112SP. This reliable and durable ported enclosure will stand up to the knocks and dings of day-to-day driving, while its dimensions allow it to fit behind a truck seat or in other tight spaces. The built-in amplifier delivers 250 watts, while the controls let you tune the lows to your taste, so you get exactly the kind of extra punch you're looking for. Memphis Audio 15-CSA112SP 12" powered sub #953CSA112S $379.99 DIY PRO TIP: Power and ground wiring kits You'll need to get a wiring kit when you purchase a powered subwoofer - it's the easiest way to get the right wires. CrutchReld carries a 10-gauge kit for the InRnity BassLink and an 8-gauge kit that'll work with the others shown. CK10 10-gauge wiring kit #007CK10 $29.99 CK8 8-gauge wiring kit #007CK8 $49.99 L XL Free tech support for life Need help with your gear? You can call us for guidance - whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See

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