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Easy control for the whole family The sound bars and speakers featured to the right offer easy, intuitive setup. A free app for your phone or tablet wirelessly links the speakers, sub, and sound bar together. Both systems can be controlled with an app, or with most TV or universal remotes. Start small and expand Want to start your new system with just a sound bar? You can add a wireless subwoofer and rear surround speakers anytime. The surrounds can also be used as standalone speakers for playing music with your phone. Use them for jamming out during the day in the kitchen or bedroom, then bring them into the living room at night to watch a movie or sporting event. O ne question that we hear a lot is, Can I add wireless rear speakers to a sound bar? The answer is yes with the right gear. You can enjoy immersive 5.1-channel surround sound without a home theater receiver, or even any speaker wire. Sonos and Denon HEOS both oer systems that make home theater an easy Rt for almost any room. BY JOSHUA CRANE With wireless* surround speakers SOUND BARS NEXT-LEVEL The sound bar handles the right, left, and center channel sound. The subwoofer adds deep bass to sound effects. The add-on speakers handle the right and left rear effects. How wireless surround works The sound bars shown on the next page take the audio signal from your TV or video source and send it to the surround speakers and subwoofer. The result is an awesome home theater experience. And with no speaker wire or subwoofer cable to run, it's easy to set up in just about any room. 22 Chat live with one of our experts

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