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Product Spotlight: Navdy head-up display A wesome tech that won't distract you while driving? Meet Navdy: it's a head-up display that shows key info from your phone as though it were projected on the road ahead. Directions, incoming calls and texts, reminders, and music are just a few of the important functions within your command and perception. Advanced hardware lets you concentrate on driving Navdy's clear display ensures you'll see every full-color detail as you drive. Bright transparent light lets maps (including traffic reports), song info, contacts, and more appear in the distance but within your line of sight so your eyes stay on the road. You'll hear turn-by-turn directions and incoming texts read aloud. Voice control and the Navdy app tie everything together Navdy works with Siri and Google Now voice commands, so you can place a call, send a message, or ask a question without using your hands. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth , and offers an app, where you enter your destinations and keep track of favorite places and contacts. You can also access your email and calendar. #108NAVDY $799.99 No-touch phone call control with gestures Whether you want to accept, dismiss, or return a call, you'll never have to pick up your phone. A quick hand motion in front of the base's gesture sensor is all it takes, so you can leave your phone mounted on the dash or in your pocket or bag. You can also use the included steering-wheel dial to scroll through screens or make calls. KEEP YOUR WITH NAVDY EYES ON THE ROAD The Navdy projects images to appear far into the distance. 24 Free shipping on everything in this catalog

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