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Music lesson Theres a lot that beginning and hobbyist musicians can learn from the pros. And not just scales and chord changes. Getting high-quality gear is worth it, and it doesnt have to cost a fortune. Case in point: Mike and Charlie from our Creative Department tried out some aordable Yamaha gear at our HQ. They have decades of experience between them on the Central Virginia music scene, so they know a good instrument when they lay hands on one. See more details at Playable, dependable, aordable Charlie checked out the Yamaha FG830 guitar and came away impressed. "It's fun to play, has a nice full sound, and is well built. It has a really comfortable feel, like it's been played before and broken in. It's rare to find a guitar this good at a price this low. I wouldn't hesitate to play a gig with it." Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar #845FG830 $299.99 True piano feel and sound Mike loved this Yamaha digital piano. "The most important features in a portable piano are playing feel and sound quality. This piano checks those boxes easily. The weighted hammer action and Yamaha sound engine interact under your fingers for touch and sound that's just like the real thing. Plus there are a ton of great features: 554 voices, an onboard vocal PA, a recorder for songwriting and arranging, plus a stand." Yamaha DGX-660B 88-key digital piano #845DGX660B $799.99 25

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