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EMPLOYEE REVIEWS Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 wireless on-ear headphones #835SLO3BTS $299.99 Check our website for the latest price T rue to our tagline, people here at CrutchReld are seriously into audio. We want good sound for everything: music, movies, games, podcasts, TV shows, you name it. With all that stu available on our phones, quality headphones are essential. We took a trip around CrutchReld HQ to ask employees what they love about their favorite pair of headphones. HEADPHONE PICKS FROM OUR STAFF WHAT WE'RE ROCKIN' Read an in-depth review at Beats Solo3 wireless The sleek design of these headphones really grabbed my attention. I listen to hip-hop, R&B, and Latin music at work, and I knew Beats headphones would bring the strong bass. Im awful at remembering to charge my headphones, so I really like that they can charge quickly and have such a long battery life up to 40 hours. They also have Bluetooth , so they play nicely with my iPhone . The wireless range is strong, too. One day I listened all the way to my car before I realized my phone was still on my desk! Jenny, IT Support Specialist 26 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-8211

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