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Buck Pomerantz has been helping customers wire their systems at CrutchReld for over ten years. 5. Using the vehicle's factory speaker wires One way to get sound to your speakers is to run a multi-conductor cable from the amp to your radio, then splice the amp's wires to the wires going to the speakers from the radio's harness (you'll want to clip these wires so that the stereo won't send them a competing signal). Or, if you bought a stereo from us, you can connect the amp's wires to the speaker leads in the adapter we provide that normally connect to the stereo's speaker outputs. NOTE: use this method only if your amp is rated at 75 watts RMS or less. Here's a great all-in-one solution: a 5-channel ampliRer It's possible to power an entire audio system, front and rear speakers and subwoofer, conveniently from a compact chassis like Kicker's KXA800.5 amplifier. This cool-running powerhouse puts out 50 watts to each of your front and rear speakers (about five times more power than a typical factory radio) plus 400 watts RMS to a sub, for some real kickin' sound. Kicker 44KXA800.5 #206KXA8005 $549.99 See our full selection of 5-channel amps at Wiring for a Kicker 44KXA800.5 installation Crutchfield CK4 amp power wiring kit (4-gauge) #007CK4 $69.99 Crutchfield Reference 4-channel RCA cable (17-foot) #007CMER417 $29.99 Crutchfield Reference 2-channel RCA cable (17-foot) #007CMER217 $12.99 Crutchfield Speaker Wire (14-gauge) #007CSW14 $0.59 per foot EFX 9-Wire Ultra Flex multi-conductor Speaker Cable (20-foot) (if needed) #1429WC1820 $29.99 See our full selection of amp wiring at AMPLIFIER at crutchR GETTING MUSIC FROM THE AMP TO THE SPEAKERS 4 6 6. Using new speaker wires If you choose to run new speaker wires, use 14- or 16-gauge wire. You'll have to run the wires for your speakers through each door's rubber boot, to protect them from the weather or from getting pinched in the door. Disconnect the old factory speaker wires and connect the new wires directly to each speaker terminal. 60-day return policy We want you to love your gear. If you don't, you can return any complete, like-new product within 60 days. Learn more at

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