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This is What's Hot EDITOR'S PICK Pint-sized powerhouse We're excited to be adding Mosconi D2 amps to our lineup. These compact, Italian-made mar- vels open up power options for lots of vehicles, whether you're installing a new stereo or keep- ing your factory deck. And when we say "com- pact," we're not kidding - these amps are only the size of a small paperback, yet still dish out tons of clean power to your speakers. Forza! Mosconi D2 100.4 105W x 4 amplifier #949D21004 $999.99 Mosconi D2 500.1 475W x 1 amplifier #949D25001 $799.99 Learn more: 3 "Just taking it out of the box blew me away. How an amp can be this small yet feel so solidly built is beyond me. Impressive." - Matt, CrutchReld Car A/V Editor 3

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