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Add Bluesound to your stereo Turn your current music gear into a high-performance networked streamer. Connect the Node 2's analog or digital outputs to your existing receiver or amplifier to make it part of your Bluesound multi-room wireless system. Available in black or white. Bluesound Node 2 #813NODE2B $499.99 A digital library for the den The Vault 2 makes it easy to rip and store digital copies of your CDs. Connect it to your receiver or amp for playback on your main system, or connect it to your router via Ethernet cable to stream your collection to other Bluesound components throughout the house. Available in black or white. Bluesound Vault 2 #813VAULT2W $1199.99 A compact wireless speaker for the kitchen The Bluesound Pulse Flex is quite small - and quite powerful. It features a 1" tweeter and a 3" woofer, each with a dedicated amplifier to ensure accurate response. Set this compact speaker just about anywhere and enjoy clear, detailed sound throughout the room. Available in black or white. Bluesound Pulse Flex #813PLSFLXB $299.99 Ralph Graves is the author of "Bluetooth and Beyond: CrutchReld's Guide to Wireless Audio." MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) high-resolution audio MQA is a brand new format for high-resolution audio. Not only does it deliver "studio-quality" sound, but the files are much smaller than other lossless formats. And that means you can stream hi-res audio with virtually no buffering or lag. Bluesound is among the first gear to be MQA-compatible. TIDAL, which is available to stream through all Bluesound components, uses MQA for their high-res streaming service (subscription required). For more about MQA, including a list of streaming and download sites, see See our full selection of Bluesound products at Get the inside scoop We try out lots of the gear we sell and get expert training from the folks who make it. See product reviews and videos at

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