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A stereo like the JVC KW-M730BT breathes new life into your drive. It's even better when you install it using the iDatalink Maestro RR inter- face module. iDatalink's intensive vehicle research makes installations go more smoothly, and provides extras while retaining the factory features you love. INSTALLATION COOPERATION iDATALINK MAKES DIY EASIER Add-ons you won't want to drive without Another reason we love the Maestro? When paired with receivers like this JVC, and in select vehicles, it delivers performance gauges (like those on the screen at right), climate controls, parking assistance, and vehicle info through the touchscreen - most other radio replacement interfaces can't. Smartphone integration and more Oh, and the KW-M730BT? It's a great stereo. It boasts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for car-friendly integration of key phone functions through its 6.8" display, including messages, maps, calls, and music. It also incorporates voice command assistants Siri and OK Google , so you can get things rolling by speaking aloud. This stereo won't spin discs, but it plays high-resolution digital files, which will sound great once you've dialed in the 13-band EQ. Bluetooth connectivity allows the receiver to pair with two phones at the same time. #105KWM730B $499.99 Trust the Maestro for convenience If you can use the Maestro instead of a standard wiring harness, we recommend doing it for several reasons: It provides seamless retention of factory steering wheel controls, amplifiers, and Bluetooth , plus keeps factory add-ons like Ford SYNC and GM OnStar . iDatalink's online firmware updates are always the most current for a wide variety of vehicles. Vehicle-specific harnesses mean you're dealing with fewer wire ends. And if you're adding a backup camera or other A/V gear, the Maestro consolidates parking brake, reverse lead, and remote turn-on lead connections to keep the hassle to a minimum. iDatalink's Maestro RR module works in select Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Fiat, and VW vehicles (harness required for most installations, $24.99 - $49.99). #794ADSMRR $129.99 If your vehicle works with the Maestro RR, you'll save when you buy it with a compatible receiver. Get started at Back-up camera Extras like GM OnStar Steering wheel controls GPS navigation iDatalink's technicians research car data systems in depth to deliver the most valuable info possible. The Maestro's built-in connections let you easily retain or add these features: 36 It's DIY season! Check out some great project ideas at

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