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DIRECT FACTORY REPLACEMENTS C alling all you DIYers out there! We know that when you take the time to add cool new stu to upgrade your vehicle, you probably want something that Rts it like a glove. Heres the good news. In addition to the standard-sized car A/V gear we carry, we oer many products that add functionality and improve sound quality, and are speciRcally designed to Rt in the factory locations in various vehicles. While theres still some installation work to be done, youll know that these products will slip into the same bolt hole patterns and panels the stock gear occupied. Here are three great examples. BY DAVID DELAMERE Most vehicles usually require that you use adapter brackets to replace the factory speakers. Focal's Integration Series 165 TOY speakers, on the other hand, are made to fit right in the factory space and align with the screw holes in your compatible Toyota. You'll get that sweet sound Focal is known for without having to modify your vehicle or cut and splice into wiring. This Focal component system offers tweeters, woofers, and built-in crossovers for a detailed soundstage. While you still have to remove the factory speakers, with help available from our free MasterSheet instructions and tech support, Focal makes sure you have the brackets, clamps, and wiring adapters you need for integrating all of this in your compatible Toyota vehicle. Focal supplies wiring harnesses to plug the tweeters into the Toyota's factory wiring. The factory woofers in the Corolla, one of the compatible models, are riveted to the door frame, so Focal includes rivets for mounting (rivet tool sold separately). SEAMLESS UPGRADES FOR YOUR RIDE GREAT GEAR MADE JUST FOR YOUR VEHICLE Check out vehicle-speciRc speakers we also oer for BMW and VW vehicles at DIY Direct Rt and smooth sound These Focal component speakers fit in the stock locations in several 2004-2017 Toyota cars, such as Corolla, Prius, and Yaris models. Their high efficiency lets them put out rich, detailed sound with just factory power. They can also handle more power when youre ready to add an amp. Focal IS 165 TOY 6" 2-way component speaker kit #091IS165TY $299.99 38 It's DIY season! Check out more great project ideas at

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