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THE NITTY GRITTY OF INSTALLING COMPONENT SPEAKERS IN YOUR CAR M ore than likely when you're installing a component speaker system in your car, you already know where your woofers are going - the factory locations in your doors. But what about the tweeters and the external crossovers included with your set? If you already have factory tweeter locations, you're one step ahead of the game - you just might have to make adjustments to ensure a perfect Rt. If you don't, you'll have to get creative... but that's the fun part! Plan the perfect placement When installing tweeters, you'll want to keep three things in mind. Your tweeters should be: 1) in front of you, 2) high enough to be close to your ears, 3) but not too far from the woofer locations. To the left, you'll see the most common locations. IF YOU HAVE FACTORY TWEETER LOCATIONS... The beauty of using your factory tweeter location is that you don't need to alter the look of your car's interior. Certain manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure you have every possible mounting solution for your new tweeters. Sometimes you may need to fabricate a mounting solution, such as with a backstrap (#120BKSTRAP, $1). You'll need to secure your tweeters Using our Outfit My Car SM tool, we can tell you if the tweeters in a component set will fit your vehicle's factory locations. However, you'll still need to find a way to install them securely. Good thing most speaker manufacturers supply versatile mounting brackets. And if those don't do the trick, try the age-old solution - backstraps! BY ALEXANDER HRABE "WHERE DO TWEETERS & CROSSOVERS GO?" These Morel speakers are standouts for their shallow woofers and plentiful tweeter mounting options. Virtus Nano components Prices start at $499.99 Door Sail panel A-pillar Dash DIY 42 It's DIY season! Check out more great project ideas at

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