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Weve often had luck mounting the crossovers behind the dash where there can be a surprising amount of space. In the case of this Ford Explorer installation, all it took to reach this spot was prying o a small panel. Another popular spot is inside the door itself, usually not far from the woofer. Door panels have all sorts of nooks and crannies, and you might Rnd one thats a perfect Rt for your crossover. BUT SERIOUSLY... WHERE DO YOU PUT THE CROSSOVERS? Save on vehicle-speciRc and universal installation gear Installation items like wiring harnesses and mounting brackets are deeply discounted when you buy a new set of car speakers. Go to to see what we have for your car. Pro.Fit's Wire Worm lets you run wire in tight spaces. #042DM4533 $9.99 S&G's wire stripper preps wires quickly. #18119100 $17.99 Bojo panel tools work on a variety of door and trim panel types. #126CR3NGL $11.99 INSTALLATION ESSENTIALS When it comes to installing tweeters and crossovers, adhesive-backed Velcro squares, cable ties, and metal backstraps will never let you down, but these three tools are absolute essentials. In the door Behind the dash The short answer is - anywhere there's space The external crossovers are the traffic cops of a component system, making sure that the right frequencies are sent to the right speakers. Ideally, for a tidy installation, a crossover should be within close range of its respective woofer and tweeter, so you'll want to secure that puppy wherever it can live safely and free from damage. Here are two typical mounting locations: IF YOU DON'T HAVE FACTORY TWEETER LOCATIONS... Surface mounting isnt too invasive, and is a handy option if mounting depth is limited, but it doesnt always uphold a totally factory look. Q-Logics Q-Forms are an awesome solution that pair your component woofer and tweeter in one kick-panel pod thats angled up toward your ears. The best part is that these mounting solutions are vehicle-speciRc and come in a variety of colors to match your cars interior. Flush mounting requires the most modiRcation to your interior, but youll gain a more seamless look. The good news is you have options For the true audio enthusiast, this can be the most creative part of the process. The world (or rather, the car) is your oyster - the key is to take the time to consider the absolute best placement for your tweeters based on the aforemen- tioned criteria. When it's time to get the job done, you can rely on the speakers' supplied mounting solutions, or, if you're really skilled, fabricate your own. Here are the three most common ways to mount your tweeters... Flush mounting Surface mounting Vehicle-speciRc Q-Forms Check out all our Q-Forms at

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