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Product Spotlight: Linksys Velop Wi-Fi System S o many devices in your home connect to Wi-Fi on a daily basis - phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and more. Rental modems provided by cable companies just aren't up to the task. Good news! A whole home mesh Wi-Fi system can rev up your family's streaming speeds, and you can eliminate that monthly rental fee, too. Expandable coverage Whole home Wi-Fi is easy to set up with the Linksys Velop system. It starts with one "node," which can cover about 2,000 square feet on its own. Satellite nodes can be added, with each supplying another 2,000 feet of blazing coverage. Place them anywhere you need them. Plus, this system offers better coverage than most "router- and-repeater" setups. Speedy streaming for everyone Imagine streaming a thrilling 4K movie in the living room, while your son plays online video games, and your daughter watches a music video. Velop's Tri-band Wi-Fi makes sure nobody gets those sudden, annoying freeze-frames. The free Linksys app makes it easy to install and set up. If you hit a snag, don't forget our free technical support. Linksys Velop whole home Wi-Fi System (2-pack) #750WHW0302 $349.99 Learn more about Velop at BY ERIC ANGEVINE FAST, STRONG WI-FI FOR YOUR WHOLE HOME 46 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-8211

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