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BY JON PAULETTE E very time we leave the relative comfort of the home office to work on a boat stereo installation, we learn something new. Whether its tools, techniques, or where to Rnd lunch near a place weve never been before, were always expanding our knowledge base. We dont do these projects just to get out of the office (well, not entirely...). We do them so we can learn from our mistakes, improve our skills, and pass the things we learn on to our customers. The more we know, the more we can help you with your own do-it-yourself marine audio upgrade project. We hope these tips will come in handy when youre getting your boat ready for the upcoming season. PRO TIP #1 DOCKSIDE DIY SOLDER & STEREOS When you're at speed on choppy water, your boat can take a pounding. That's why it's important to make sure your wiring connections are as secure as possible. When we install a marine stereo, we always solder the connecting wires. Sure, there are easier ways to make a connection, but nothing stands up to life on the water like soldering. DIY Speaking of marine stereos, this digital media receiver from Fusion brings built-in Bluetooth and 2-zone audio to small boats and personal watercraft. FUSION MS-RA55 #917MSRA55 $199.99 TOP TIPS FOR OVERHAULING THE SOUND IN YOUR BOAT 48 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. Learn more at

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