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TOP 5 TURNTABLE SETUP TIPS Before connecting to a receiver, see if your turntable has a built-in phono preamp. If so, connect it to any stereo RCA inputs (AUX, CD, etc.). If not, connect it to the PHONO input. If your receiver doesn't have a PHONO input, you'll need a separate phono preamp. Good news: They usually offer better sound quality. HDMI OUT ARC (ZONE OUT) 1 2 HDMI (1 BD/DVD) AV 1 A AV 2 A AV 3 A AV 4 A (HDCP2.2) AV 5 A AV 6 A R L AV A 1 AV A 2 AV A 3 AV 4 A AUDIO 1 AUDIO 2 AUDIO 3 (2 TV) (1 BD/DVD) OPTICAL 4 OPTICAL 3 COAXIAL COAXIAL 2 COAXIAL 1 PHONO GND FM 75 ANTENNA (4 RADI O) OPTICAL 1 2 ZONE OUT/PRE OUT ZONE 2/ F. F PRESENCE ZONE 3/ R. PRESENCE SPEA SURROUND BACK SURROUND ZONE 2/ZONE R 5 6 L R R L SINGLE AM PRE OUT SUBWOOFER CENTER FRONT SURROUND SUR. BACK (SINGLE) (FRONT) (REAR) EXT 12V MA Y PB PR PR PB Y PR PB Y PR PB AV 1 A COMPONENT VIDEO A AV 3 A C AV 2 A B MONITOR OUT/ ZONE OUT Y (HDCP2.2) 1 Make the right connection The felt slip mat that comes with most turntables is little more than a stopgap. The cork Music Hall Mat ($49.99) is an inexpensive upgrade that makes a world of difference: it decouples your records from potential motor noise, fights noise-producing static, and grips your records better so they spin at the right speed. 2 Upgrade your mat A great record can induce dancing, and that joyous motion can make the tonearm pick up a rumbling sound, or even skip out of the groove. Always place your turntable on a stable base. Better yet, the Auralex ISO-tone platform ($79.99) offers an effective way to combat unwanted vibrations. It's like a memory foam pillow for your turntable. 5 (Don't) feel the vibration To get the benefits of vinyl, you need a good turntable. Here are two that our customers love: Bonus tip: invest in great sound Want a super-compact setup? Connect your turntable to a pair of powered speakers like the Audioengine HD3s ($399.99). You'll need to add a phono preamp if your turntable doesn't have one. 3 Powered speakers save space Gravity does most of the work when you drop the needle on a track. But too little downward force can let the tonearm skate, and too much can shorten the life of your cartridge. The Shure SFG-2 tracking force gauge ($35.99) helps you dial it in perfectly. 4 May proper tracking force be with you Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC) #252DBCDCGB $399.99 Available in black, white, red, green, blue, and silver. TEAC TN-300 #063TN300CH $249.99 Available in cherry, natural, black, and red. Supplies limited. BY ERIC ANGEVINE The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC) turntable 50 Chat live with one of our experts:

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