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BY DOMINIC DEVITO I ts getting warmer outside, which for us means its time for a car audio project. If youre planning to tear into your dash to add a new receiver, why not make the most of your eort? Sonys rolling out a new navigation receiver this spring, and were especially excited because it oers a lot of cool beneRts at a comparatively great price. Its a perfect reason to roll up your sleeves, pop open your dash, and get to work the end result is totally worth it. Why adding a navigation receiver rocks If your dash takes a 4" tall radio, check out a navigation receiver. We love a good one because it fills up your dash nicely, and lets you see a wealth of information and album artwork on its large touchscreen. Sony's new nav receiver blends beautifully in most compatible dashes thanks to its clean styling and handy knob. And we offer mounting kits for a wide array of vehicles which integrate the clean looks of this stereo perfectly. MAKE IT HAPPEN DIY A NEW NAV RECEIVER IS THE PERFECT SPRING UPGRADE 8 Find the stereos and other products that work with your vehicle at

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