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A. With 300 watts for a single channel, the MC301 is one of the mightiest power amps we've ever carried. Its monoblock design provides the ultimate in sound quality, as each speaker gets its own amp for exceptional soundstaging. McIntosh MC301 #958MC301 $5000 each B. Every McIntosh glass faceplate receives 12 layers of paint for a beautiful and highly durable finish. C. This sensitive tuner has been carefully crafted to deliver optimum sound from AM and FM stations, including HD Radio. McIntosh MR88 #958MR88 $4500 D. The XR50 bookshelf speaker delivers a terrific sonic wallop that you would only expect from a much larger tower speaker. McIntosh XR50 #958XR50RW $2000 each E. Whether it's playing your favorite analog sources or the latest high-res digital audio formats, you'll hear your music at its best through the versatile C47 stereo preamp. McIntosh C47 #958C47 $4000 F. The powerful MC152 stereo power amplifier delivers the effortlessly smooth, warm, non-fatiguing sound that McIntosh amps are known for. McIntosh MC152 #958MC152 $4500 G. No shortcuts here. McIntosh delicately crafts some of their unique circuit boards by hand. H. Enjoy luxurious comfort and exquisite McIntosh sound with headphones so good, you may never want to take them off. McIntosh MHP1000 #958MHP1000 $2000 B C E F G H D Dave Bar is a lifelong gearhead who obsesses over sound quality, but only in a good way. Free, fast shipping You get free shipping on everything in this catalog. And most orders leave our warehouse the same day.

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