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A dmired for both the sonic and visual beauty of their creations, speaker maker Sonus faber designs and engineers their world-class, cost-no-object products at their facilities in Arcugnano, Italy. Thanks to advances in construction techniques and trickle-down tech- nology, Sonus faber speakers are now available in easy-to-drive versions for real-world systems. Were proud to announce that CrutchReld is able to oer these fantastic-sounding speakers to our customers. Sound that inspires Sonus faber speakers Venere: A shape inspired by antiquity Sonus faber's sleek, solidly built Venere series speakers take their design cues from the lyre, a string instrument, to deliver exceptionally smooth and natural sound. By combining the curving, fluid shape of that ancient acoustic instrument with state-of-the-art technology and careful tuning by ear, Sonus faber has created a speaker that vividly brings your music and movie soundtracks to life. Superior cabinet construction for better sound Cabinet vibration, or resonance, can add coloration and distortion to music and vocals. Sonus faber carefully shapes and tunes its cabinets, using curved, non- parallel internal surfaces to control resonance, for sound that is clean, lively, and dynamic. We think you'll be just as impressed by these beautiful speakers as we are. See our full selection of Sonus faber speakers at Sonus faber Venere 1.5 bookshelf speakers, shown here in real walnut wood Rnish for $1499.99 a pair. They're also available in high-gloss black or white Rnishes for $1199.99 a pair. 12 Have questions? Email us for answers:

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