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David Delamere has been helping soup up vehicles for summer treks for two decades. Keeping it safe and smart Since you're relying on your ride to get you to the concert, it's not a bad idea to know more about your vehicle as you go. The Automatic Car Adapter plugs into your vehicle's data port, also known as the OBDII port, and passes car info to your smartphone via Bluetooth . With Automatic's app running on your phone, you can decipher the dreaded "Check Engine" light, find your parked car, and improve your driving efficiency using the data it provides, saving gas money for other concert goodies. And if you have an accident, the Automatic adapter can call for help, while an agent stays on the line with you. Best of all, it does all of this without extra costs or fees. Automatic diagnostics interface adapter #918AUTOMA2 $99.99 Some visual help Whether you've got a large or small vehicle, parking at music events can be tricky. Universal rear-view cameras, like the Kenwood CMOS-230, plug into compatible receivers like the DNX893S on page 15. They provide a clear view behind you, directly on the receiver's display. Dash cams, like the Cobra CDR875G, record the road ahead in high-definition quality. Cobra HD dash cam with Bluetooth and GPS #079CDR875G $179.99 Kenwood CMOS-230 rear-view camera #113CMOS230 $149.99 Get more road trip recommendations at Photo by Roger Gupta Lockn' Festival Arrington, VA, Photo by Wiley Quixote Get all the installation gear you need When you tell us what you drive, we'll make it easy to get what you need to install your new stereo and keep factory features such as steering wheel controls. Get started at

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