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Like a pro GET OUTDOOR SOUND M usic can transform your yard, patio, or porch into a great place to relax or the ideal party spot. Installing outdoor speakers isnt that tricky. All you need is a little DIY spirit and a few tools... and some pro tips like the ones shown here. Your eorts will be rewarded once youre sipping lemonade and enjoying some tunes. Planning your system I know - sometimes it's fun to drill first and ask questions later. But before diving in, I recommend taking a deep breath and planning out exactly where you want to install your speakers, run your wire, and set up your amplifier or receiver. Check out the links below for guidance. Or if you need help planning a large outdoor system, call our A/V Design group at 1-800-555-9407. Read our outdoor system planner: Get outdoor and in-wall wiring tips: BY ERIC ANGEVINE MOUNT SPEAKERS UNDER EAVES Most people prefer to hear outdoor speakers - not see them. Install them under the eaves of your house for an elegant, discreet look that also offers a little extra protection from the elements. Most mountable outdoor speakers include brackets that allow for horizontal or vertical installation. You can even angle them toward your favorite lawn chair or porch swing. PRO TIP #2 GET THE RIGHT TOOLS Every install requires the proper tools. A drill, level, tape measure, and wire cutters/strippers are vital. We also recommend zip ties to keep wires tidy. And if you're installing speakers on angled siding, a small block of wood or metal spacer can allow the speaker to mount evenly. PRO TIP #1 (this guy) 18 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8346

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